Supra Inspections, LLC BBB Business Review
Supra Inspections, LLC BBB Business Review


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Supra Inspections, LLC (NYS#16000079487, CT HOI0001101) is a multifaceted inspection company specializing in Home Inspection, Radon testing laboratory (ELAP Id 12090), Termite reports (LIC#T3889595), Construction Phase Inspection and Construction Project Safety (CS-26736). Owner David Colagiovanni is a graduate of the CUNY School of Public Health, Master’s Degree program in Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety.

David is well insured, trained, experienced and is recognized as an Associate Safety Professional (ASP) governed by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP). Proper licensure, customer service, and a well-trained eye together form an Inspection service like no other. Call for your free estimate today and become better in tune with your next Home, Commercial, and/or Construction purchase endeavors.

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David Colagiovanni is a highly requested home inspector in the New York City and Lower Hudson Valley area. What separates David from the competition is his approach to “educate and assist in lining-up his client’s 2nd, 3rd, 4th investments into the house…”. The majority of David’s clientele wish to gain knowledge and “know-how” on their new home purchase with hopes to becoming a great homeowner and David makes it his mission to making that happen. The biggest questions in real estate investing are, what is my next out of pocket expense for this property? David will make this happen by explaining the homes current condition meanwhile considering recent renovations and improvements, and then using remaining service life detail on every building material used in the construction of the house David will map out the homes many possible improvements.

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